Need to find a needle in a haystack? No sweat. Use a powerful magnet. Now that's leverage!
-- Steven K C Poh

This is only necessary if the book has serious structural flaws. The editor will make the required changes and send them to the author for approval. After completion of the rewrite, a content edit will be done to finalize the manuscript at no extra cost.

You can choose to include charts, graphs or cartoons in the book.

Cover Design
You have a choice of using your own design, leave it up to our designer or collaborate with our designer to create the concept.

Even a well-written book can be a flop if the layout is a major eyesore. We will ensure that all sentences and paragraphs are properly aligned and that the font is pleasing to the eye.

Application of ISBN
Each book is assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a machine-readable 10-digit number that uniquely identifies your book for retailers and libraries. We will apply for that number on your behalf once the editing stage is completed.

Your book summary (the text on the back cover) will be the critical factor in a prospective reader's buying decision. The summary must be clear and concise, as it will also be used to pitch the book to bookstores and the media. We will help you write the back cover copy, author biography, foreword and acknowledgements.

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