Need to find a needle in a haystack? No sweat. Use a powerful magnet. Now that's leverage!
-- Steven K C Poh

How does Leverage Media Publishing compare to traditional publishing outfits?
We involve you in the entire publishing process so you know and understand exactly what's happening at every stage. Traditional publishing houses usually ask you for your preferences, work on the project and show you the end result.

What are the terms of payment like?
20% upon signing of contract
30% upon completion of final edit
30% upon completion of cover design and layout
20% upon publication of book

Can I submit my book as a paper manuscript?
Yes, you can indeed, but please ensure the font is Times New Roman size 10 (minimum) and the line space is 1.5.

Who establishes a price for my book?
We will advise you on the appropriate price, but the final decision is yours.

How long does it take to get my book up for sale?
Between one or two weeks after it's delivered to MPH Distributors.

Who decides the size of the printed and bound version?
Like the price, we will advise you on the appropriate size, but the final decision remains yours.

Who owns the rights to my book?
If you've written the book by yourself, then the rights belong solely to you. If you've written it with a co-author, then both of you own the rights.

What about style and size of type?
This will depend on the tone of the book. We will provide a variety of fonts for you to choose from

What has Leverage Publishing produced so far?
• Liberty: From Debt-Slave to Money Master by Rajen Devadason
• Drinking Coffee, Telling Stories & Making Money by Sim Quan Seng and Stephanie Sta Maria
• Wealth, A Burden & A Legacy by Joshua Lim
• My Father's Business by Peter Tsukahira
• Despite … by Ee Ching Wah, Steven K C Poh and Stephanie Sta Maria

Who takes care of storage, orders, shipping and handling?
You do, or you could appoint an agent to do it.

Will I receive a refund if I decide to terminate the contract before the printing process?
You will only receive a refund for the services that have not commenced. For instance, if you decide to terminate the contract before the layout process, then you'll be only charged the writing and editing fee.

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