Need to find a needle in a haystack? No sweat. Use a powerful magnet. Now that's leverage!
-- Steven K C Poh
Publication & Additional Services

Publication - Printing
You have an option of hardcover, paperback or both. The hardcover format will include a full color dust jacket. Three thousand (3,000) copies will be printed during the first print run and another during the second. We will also handle a CD-ROM conversion if requested.

Note: The printing and color separation charges will be borne entirely by you.

Publication -Distribution
We will present the book to MPH Distributors, introduce you to the relevant people and arrange for it to be distributed to all MPH, Popular, Times and Kinokuniya outlets nationwide. We will also work with MPH Distributors to organize author talks for you in selected stores.

Additional Services - Public Relations & Promotions
This isn't included under the publishing package, and is therefore charged separately. Before beginning, we will send you a questionnaire about your book and use your answers to create the book's unique selling point (USP) in the press release. The book and press release will then be sent to various publications for reviews and possible author interviews. We will also organize a book launch party (the cost, again, to be borne entirely by you) to further promote your book.

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