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-- Steven K C Poh
Submission Guidelines
(Please read this section before sending your manuscript to us)

Book Submission
Your book should be submitted in single file and include the title page, table of contents, all chapters, index (if any), page numbers and headers. The foreword, author biography, summary and acknowledgements should be submitted in a separate file.

Book Length
We will publish books of any length. However, we strongly advocate that extremely lengthy books be published in two volumes.

Photos & Graphics
We accept both black and white and full color graphics and photos. However, please obtain prior permission or the legal right to use all graphics and photos before submitting them to us for production. We reserve the right to refuse to process material that appears to originate from copyrighted sources unless, written permission from the copyright holder is produced.

Book Sizes & Binding
Our books are stitch-bound. All paperbacks follow the standard 6" wide by 9" high format unless you specify otherwise. We will also publish your book in a hardcover format upon request.

Accepted Languages
We publish books in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. However, there will be an additional fee for a special editor and layout person for books written in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.

We will not publish books that will violate or infringe upon any personal or proprietary right and those that are defamatory, pornographic or obscene in nature.

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