The leverage and influence social media gives citizens are rapidly spreading into the business world.
-- Simon Mainwaring

"This is the era of marketing communications."
As a company, we strive to deliver effective and strategic marketing communications solutions to our clients. Our experience is broad and our focus is on fresh high quality thinking, exposing new opportunities and delivering marketing communications strategy with impact. It is our belief that every tactical execution should be working toward successful outcomes; increased impact, maximized budget as well as brand building and leadership positioning. We enjoy our industry and are as passionate about our creativity as we are about planning, strategizing and delivery. Leverage Media exists to improve our clients' business performance and to deliver sustainable marketing communications solutions that allow them to profit.

"Both sides must win. That's not all. Our clients' customers must also win."
At Leverage Media, we aspire to grow with our clients. We believe their success is also ours. We craft our marketing communications and technology solutions in ways that allow our clients to involve us in each area of the marketing mix on a strategic as well as customer-centric basis. We take great pride in maintaining long-term client partnerships, and we attribute this to our quality, added value services, professionalism and untiring focus on delivery.

"Let's get the facts straight. The Internet is a media solution; IT-driven no doubt. But it's not an IT solution."
At Leverage Media, we recognize the Internet as an IT-driven media solution, not an IT solution. As such, it is our approach to deliberately incorporate it into our clients' businesses as part of an overall media, marketing and technology solutions package.

"To succeed in the 21st Century knowledge and information economy, you need three critical components - content, communication and community - all fused into one platform. It will be difficult for the k- and i-economy to be realized without taking this trinity seriously."
Among others, Leverage Media's business revolves around the development and management of quality content and business- and learning-centric e-communities. We passionately believe great content is a powerful tool to educate customers who are increasingly finicky about quality and customer service. We also believe that e-communities are effective in the promotion of information exchange between vendors and their customers - it's a wonderful way for our clients to connect with their customers in the marketplace.

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