As a small business owner, your greatest leverage is a truth well told. Use that as your leverage.
-- Steven K C Poh

We're Different
We are an integrated marketing communications outfit with the dynamism, means and experience you would expect in a nifty consultancy and without the layers of bureaucracy and slow response time that are associated with multiple points of contact. As a company we are small enough to care, but large enough to have a wide range of experience and resources at our disposal and, theoretically, a bottomless pool of ideas to assist you. If you have a marketing communications- or technology-related problem, come and talk to us - we will listen.

We're Comprehensive
We go deep down to the core to decipher your business, competition and customers. In short, the more we know about what you do, the better we will work on your behalf. You stand to find out just how big a difference we can make.

We're Process Oriented
You will be in the know of what we are doing at every stage in the planning and execution process. And you have plenty of opportunities along the way to give your input, hold discussions, affect revisions until you are happy with the outcome.

We're Reliable
We always believe the sum is greater than our part or yours. Together, your expertise in your industry and our expertise in ours merge for the best results. Involve us in your business and watch us execute valuable ideas and turn them into reality for you. Do so - before your competitor does.

We're Not Predictable
We absolutely hate creative predictability. As such, we work across a wide array of business in the marketplace. We challenge, we incite, we inspire, we innovate and we provoke - all to get the best out of us for you.

We're Obsessed with Quality
We don't have a second team at Leverage Media. And we don't put juniors to be in charge of accounts. You get our best thinking and best people on every assignment!

We're Like Family
You are going to be spending lots of time with us. So ask yourself: "Are these the people I want to work with? Is there chemistry here? Do they understand how I work? Do they make it fun?" If you have any doubts, our advice is: run for the hills. But if you are like most of our clients, we will soon be like family to you.

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