Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.
-- Archimedes

The ability to source training for the effective application of skills in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is a continuing area of interest to many public policymakers and economists. SMEs, in particular, more often than not fall short of the requisite capabilities and infrastructure to make the most of their human resources, and as a result, tend to have lower levels of training and skills development.

At Leverage Training & Development, we provide the strategic advantage for your organization by training your staff only in the areas of our expertise, and by that we mean expertise that we are known for in the industry and expertise that are duly acknowledged by our peers.

We provide training and development programs especially designed to help you retain valuable employees and help employees succeed in their jobs. This will benefit your organization in two major ways:

Significantly Improve Employee Morale and Performance
A training and development program may help boost both employee morale and performance. Providing relevant training programs sends a clear message to your staff that continuous professional development is important to your organization. Employees realize that both in-house and contracted training sessions cost the organization time and financial resources, which significantly heightens the perceived value. Training employees to upgrade their skills set or acquire new technologies will go a long way to improve their efficiency and job performance.

Professional Development
Professional development training may comprise training in communication techniques, language mastery, writing skills, media management, media strategies as well as team-building. These developmental training modules may not focus directly on an individual's performance but can help employees improve their personal skills set, improve how they communicate and interact with customers. Team building training helps to promote employee camaraderie as well as focus them on team-based performance in addition to improving future supervisory responsibilities and teaches current supervisors new, effective strategies for leading and encouraging their subordinates.

Leverage Training & Development provides the following training programs:
  • Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • New Media Strategies
  • Hospitality English
  • Business Communication
  • Brand Communication
  • Business Writing
  • Corporate Team Building
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