Know your leverage. Know your worth. Know your role.... Once you have figured that out, you have learned life.
-- Author Unknown
Service Offerings

Service Offerings
Leverage Media is uniquely positioned at the heart of the global communications revolution. The communications revolution has transformed the traditional dynamics of the global economy, producing a "new economy" where information and communication technologies (ICTs) alongside an increasingly influential social media increase productivity and make possible more rapid rates of sustained economic growth. As part of our clients' overall information and communications management strategy in this revolution, online information services and the social media will increasingly play a significant role in enhancing efficiency and delivering convincing benefits in terms of time savings, reducing administrative costs, the elimination of a high percentage of paper handling and increasing productivity. Moreover, as intellectual capital becomes an increasingly scarce resource, competitive advantage can be gained by whoever has the means to make the most effective use of these resources. Our knowledge and professional repertoire is a mixture of in-depth, direct and extensive project experience in the following areas:
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Communications
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Writing & Publishing
  • Editorial Consulting
  • CSR Planning & Management
  • Customized Writing
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Website Design and Development
  • Newsletters / Trade Journals
  • Brochures / e-brochures
  • Fliers / Marketing peripherals
  • Product Catalogues / Souvenir Programs
  • Company Annual Reports
  • Photography

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